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for enquiries and private bookings:

The DCSA is my bespoke training facility offering one to one personal training sessions with me, Dr Chris, targeted to your specific needs.

The DCSA is a high spec training suite equipped with:


  • 💪 Mirafit Power Rack

  • 💪 Stand alone Olympic Bench

  • 💪 Mirafit Adjustable Bench

  • 💪 Texas Power Bar

  • 💪 Rogue Power Bar

  • 💪 Safety Squat Bar

  • 💪 Hex Trap Bar

  • 💪 EZ bar

  • 💪 Ziva Rubber Plates totalling 300kg

  • 💪 Hex Dumbbells up to 50kg

  • 💪 Full set of Competition Kettlebells up to 40kg

  • 💪 Cable pulley system

  • 💪 Slam Balls (5kg, 20kg & 60kg)

  • 💪 Concept 2 SkiErg

  • 💪 Strongman Log

  • 💪 Full set of resistance therapy bands

Personal Training sessions will be face to face with me and will take place either at the DCSA or at a commercial gym in East London (location will be specified at the point of booking). Online sessions are also available if this is your preference. Email me for more information.


I am the creator of the Primal Nutrition Podcast, a platform offering expert nutritional advice. My podcast specifically endeavours to dissect through the confusion and misinformation, challenging the traditional narrative and presenting clear facts. Formal medical training coupled with years of powerlifting and a passionate interest in metabolic health have equipped me with a deep insight into the fundamental nutritional aspects of well-being and longevity.

All my clients will receive a copy of the Dr Chris Nutrition Guide which includes my food pyramid.

Listen to my podcast here:
The Primal Nutrition Podcast
My clients have access to DEXA scanning which is the gold standard imaging modality for body composition analysis.

Assessment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. As an A&E doctor I have spent 20 years managing a breadth of acute presentations including both major trauma and minor injuries. I therefore have a far more detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology than your average personal trainer.

As a medical doctor, personal trainer and ex-competitive powerlifter, and having had my fair share of injuries over the years as well, I can assist you in the rehabilitation and prevention of common injuries.


Brief bio of proprietor Dr Chris Solomonides BSc MBBS PgCert FRCEM:

I qualified as a doctor in 2003 from Bart's & The London School of Medicine and have been a Consultant in Emergency Medicine (A&E) since 2014. Additionally I spent five years as Trauma Director, a role I relinquished in 2019.

My main area of clinical expertise is point of care ultrasound, a field I teach on regularly to junior doctors. I also work as a crowd doctor for Arsenal Football Club.

I personally maintain a highly disciplined strength-focussed training schedule and have previously competed in Powerlifting, placing 3rd in Britain in 2002.

I am a CIMSPA accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer and clients can benefit from my exceptional knowledge and experience at my bespoke training facility in East London. Regardless of your goals, whether general weight loss, strength development, general fitness or recovery from illness/injury, you'll be in very safe hands with me.



Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you have?
I am a Level 3 accredited Personal Trainer. This means I have a Diploma in Personal Training, fully accredited by CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for The Management of Sport and Physical Activity), and regulated by OFQUAL.

I am also a fully qualified Medical Doctor. I am a Consultant in the field of Emergency Medicine (A&E) with a specialist interest in ultrasound and I have over 20 years experience in the NHS. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Pharmacology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound (with distinction) and I am a Fellow of the College of Emergency Medicine. My qualifications are BSc MBBS PgCert (Ultrasound) FRCEM.
What experience do you have and why should I pick you?
In short, I have 30 years of experience in the gym environment and I still, to this day, maintain a highly disciplined programme of strength training. I also have a background in competitive powerlifting, placing 3rd in Britain in 2002, and breaking the U23 Greater London deadlift record. Accordingly I understand the discipline required to achieve at a very high level and I have a detailed understand of the programming strategies required to achieve goals, whatever they may be.

As an A&E doctor I have spent two decades managing a breadth of acute presentations including both major trauma and minor injuries. I therefore have a far more detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology than your average personal trainer and, having had my fair share of injuries over the years, I will be able to assist you in the rehabilitation and prevention of common injuries as well.

I am also the creator of The Primal Nutrition Podcast. As a medical doctor, powerlifter and personal trainer I have always recognised the importance of nutrition. Nutrition will not only bring you optimal health but fully unlock your potential in the gym. I will share these principles with you.

One of the fundamental drivers of motivation is goal setting and savouring the fruits of your labour. Goal setting therefore underpins much of what I do with my clients at the DCSA. Whatever you goals, whether general weight loss, developing strength, rehabilitation from illness or injury or general fitness, I will assist you unreservedly in achieving them. 
How will you track my progress?
Your weekly workouts will be logged electronically onto a platform that we both have access to. This way we can touch base and have meaningful weekly discussions around your progress, goals and any barriers. This approach is much more likely to keep you motivated, engaged and accountable. Every client will have unique and individual goals and outcomes will be specific and measurable. 

We will keep track of your body weight and composition with a state of the art body composition analyser.
How long does it take to see results?
The time it takes to see results on your fitness journey really depends on your previous level of experience (e.g. beginners can see changes pretty quickly), your effort and consistency, genetic factors, nutrition, sleep and stress levels. The key ingredient is consistency, which in turn requires motivation and discipline. Be patient, follow the programme, stay consistent and motivated, and the results will follow.
Will I get a diet plan?
You will receive a copy of The Dr Chris Nutrition Guide which will give you an understanding of the basic principles of human nutrition. This is all you will need. The Dr Chris Nutrition Guide summarises many of the key elements discussed in my Primal Nutrition Podcast. These basic nutritional principles will be for life and they will not only support your gym goals but your long-term health. I donít believe in spoon feeding my clients a restrictive regime that simply leaves them starving hungry. There will also be no futile calorie counting under my guidance. The Dr Chris Nutrition Guide will explain why calorie counting and restrictive plans are a complete waste of time.
Can you recommend any supplements?
There are some supplements I do recommend. This is all covered in the Dr Chris Nutrition Guide.
Are sessions face to face or online?

The essence of Personal Training is exactly that, it is a bespoke personal experience tailored to your specific needs and goals. I therefore encourage sessions to be face to face at the DCSA. The increasingly popular online method of training is, in my view, slightly impersonal, weakens its overall impact and steers away from the true philosophy of personal training. My preference is always therefore the face to face approach but if you'd prefer online coaching, or if you are geographically remote, then I can also provide an online platform. Email me for more information.
How many days per week will I need to train?
This really depends on your existing level of experience, lifestyle, availability, and goals. Elite athletes can train 6 to 7 days per week. A complete beginner, who lives a very hectic lifestyle, will initially benefit from 1 to 2 days per week. We will discuss this together, factoring in all parameters, and tailor a programme best suited to your needs.


What happens if Iím not seeing any progress?
Lack of progress can always be traced to a well-defined attributing factor. If you remain mercilessly focussed on the goals we set out, and if you remain completely honest with yourself and me, in regards to your diet and training, then there is absolutely no reason for you NOT to be making satisfactory progress. I guarantee you my full commitment towards the accomplishment of your goals and I simply ask the same in return. If you are still not making any progress in spite of my best efforts then we will explore alternative ways to recover your accountability and ignite some motivation. Failure to progress further at this stage is often attributed to lack of discipline and accountability and I will no longer be able to support you. 

How much do sessions cost?
This depends on your specific needs, your training frequency and whether you wish to pay for a ďblockĒ, weekly or individual sessions. Email me to discus
s prices (or DM via Instagram).



"I recently decided to re-focus on my training and commit to getting back into great shape at 60 years old. I decided to approach the DCSA to see whether Chris could help me to get back on track and back in shape and I can say in clear conscience that this was, without doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Not only is Chris very friendly, helpful and approachable, but he is incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of health and fitness, including all types of training, including bodybuilding, resistance training, powerlifting, strong man, general conditioning, cardio, stretching, diet and nutrition. Additionally, Chris, considering his position as a trauma doctor, has an extensive medical background, which has proved hugely beneficial to me, regarding his expert advice on the treatment of injuries and recovery.

A huge factor for me is that Chris practises what he preaches and boasts a tremendous physique, with the strength to back it, which again proves that it is entirely possible to align a busy/stressful job with a productive training program. Chris also has 30 years of training experience, not something that your average PT can boast.

This experience and knowledge is reflected in the facilities at the DCSA, which boasts a host of top quality, functional equipment.

The DCSA is so much more than just a facility to develop strength, fitness and physical prowess, as it offers an opportunity to re-invent yourself, from the way you think to the way you act and I have certainly developed a much greater sense of purpose and well-being in all other aspects of my life.

I am very happy to recommend the DCSA to you and have every confidence that you will thoroughly enjoy your fitness journey with Chris."

Andrew Dennehy - Founder and CEO, PEW Electrical Distributors Ltd



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